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Don’t lose training time plagued by injuries that slow you down and cause you to take time off or miss a race. In Running Injury-Free, podiatrist and runner Joe Ellis tells you how to fend off the most annoying injuries and shares stories of how his patients recovered from (or could have avoided) their most troublesome injuries.

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7-Step Plan for Running Injury-Free!

Dr. Ellis’s 7-Step Plan teaches you how to avoid preventable injuries through key training secrets and the essential stretches for runners. Plus, find out why it’s so important to keep a training log.

Train WHILE You Heal!

You CAN continue to train while you heal from an injury. Find out the right exercises to add to your routine while you are nursing a running ailment.

Pick the Shoe That Will Take You the Distance!

With the right shoe, you can correct and avoid the most common running injuries like hip pain, knee pain, shin splints, Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, and heel-spur syndrome. Turn to page 62 for the chart that shows you exactly how to select a shoe for your arch, pronation, structure, and motion.

Try Running Injury-Free for 21 days FREE!

Solve and prevent your most nagging injuries:

• Skin and toenail damage
• Metatarsal injuries
• Tarsal tunnel syndrome
• Plantar fasciitis
• Achilles tendon problems
• Ankle pain
• Shin splints
• Runner’s knee
• ITB problems
• Meniscus and knee pain
• Hip and groin pain
• Sciatica and lower back pain

Avoid, diagnose, and quickly treat aches and
pains that are slowing
you down with
Running Injury-Free.

Where does it hurt?

Do you have pain like a bruise under the heel or pain first thing in the morning that diminishes through the day?
Check for plantar fasciitis. Turn to page 118 for seven ways to prevent it.

Is your Achilles tendon sore or do you feel a stabbing pain? 
Check for an Achilles tendon injury. Turn to page 130 for four ways to avoid an Achilles injury.

Are the front and sides of your legs in pain? 

Sounds like symptoms of having shin splints. Turn to page 147 for five ways to prevent shin pain.

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